Republic of Gwynedd

2013 - Year of the White eagle

Here can be found a few extracts of documents from a computer memory stick, found on a mountainside which overlooks the Nantlle valley in Gwynedd. The stick was discovered in the remains of an abandoned birds nest - a large bird's nest.

Many of the documents appear to be parts of a guide book, for visitors to the Republic of Gwynedd. There is no indication to the authorship of these documents. A search of the internet has turned up nothing that might shed any light on the 'Guide Book' or of any other documents, the author or the subject matter. These extracts are in no particular order, though I hope to add more and 'tidy up' in the near future.

The documents :-

Birth of the Republic

Public Transport

Newspaper - Newyddion Gwynedd (Gwynedd News)

Radio and Television

RoG Offices

The Gwynedd Showground


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